A Life Well Lived

Today looks like it will be my friend Norm’s last day. As I wait for the news I dread, I am thinking about him and what he has meant to all who know him.

Norm is not successful based on our culture’s terms. He has never written a best-seller, he is not wealthy, he is not a political power, and he’s never been a celebrity.

Norm is far more successful than our culture’s terms. He knows how to love.

You do not have to compete with anyone or anything to be loved by Norm. He is a man who shares his love and his compassion generously, untempered. You do not have to be part of his family to be loved by Norm; you only have to meet him.

When he passes, he will leave behind a far greater legacy than a popular book, a large donation, a great law, or a Super Bowl title. He will leave behind a family, friends, and acquaintances who were fortunate enough to have learned how to better love others.

That is the kind of love that could truly change the world.


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