A Princess Diary

In an attempt to work out a new character in my book, I have written about her from the point of view of her best friend in a series of diary entries. I’ve never tried this before. As I post entries, I would love to hear what you think, good or bad, especially about the development of Khariss. The months are based on the Babylonian calendar.

All entries are from Princess Eilina’s diary in Year 26 of the reign of King Zaheil IV

Arah Abu 3

Tomorrow is the final day of testing for the new singers. There are only four of us left, and I am still here! Me, the first princess to have even been allowed to begin the testing in a century. If I am chosen, I will be the first princess ever to be a Singer of Janal! I can hardly believe it!

I hope Khariss is the other one if I am chosen. If neither of us is selected, I plan on asking father if she can become my first handmaiden. I know that 16 is rather old to start, but I finally have a real friend. She’s not like her father at all. I think she’s the only one who doesn’t see Bishop Abianes for what he is. I need to rescue her from him. Her mother must be very sweet for Khariss to be so sweet, and I’d love to meet her, but the Bishop thinks he’s too important to be seen with her. I’m thinking she must be of poor birth, because he’s not a handsome man and Khariss is so pretty, so her mother must be as well.

The following four pages are a rambling discussion about the upcoming test, the horrible mistress of the singers, and the new cute attache of the ambassador of Javern. For the reader’s sake, they have not been included.
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