A Princess Diary (entry 2)

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The following entry is from five-and-one-half months earlier, Arah Sabatu 18 (Year 25), and comes from Princess Eilina’s first mention of Khariss. It was one of several descriptions of all of the girls in the testing process that the princess wrote during the week, and easily the most flattering.

Khariss is not tall, petite almost, and I think she’s rather pretty. Not in a classic sense, but her dark eyes are these big almonds beneath black eyebrows, and really stand out beneath her bangs. She does have a chin almost as tiny as her nose, but I’ve heard grown men practically swoon over her lips. They’re quite full with rich color, her mouth is the exact perfect width, and when she smiles, I think every girl is jealous. She smiles a lot, even when she’s concentrating. I think that’s why she just bursts out in song sometimes. Her hair is this light brown, or maybe a dark blonde, that is perfect with her slightly darker skin tone and black eyebrows. She usually wears it in a long ponytail, the kind that princesses are never allowed, with wisps hanging on either side to frame her face. The part I’m most jealous of, however, is that no one wears makeup as well as she does. All the other girls try, me included, but we look like we try. With Khariss, it looks like she was born that way.

I have chosen not to include the rest of the entry about Khariss, mostly because it is a discussion of the colors she chooses and how the princess thinks they must be applied.

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