A Princess Diary (entry 5)

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Arah Abu 9

We sang in the service for the first time today, and Khariss and I both had solos! I’m glad mine was first. If I’d had to follow her, dear gods what a disaster that would have been! No one should ever have to sing after her. What power in her voice! Everyone in the nave was bawling and rapturous at the same time. If it hadn’t been for our training, all of us Singers would have been too. She must have more magic in her voice than any Singer of Janal ever!

It’s a shame, however, that we’re committed to be Singers for the next three years. Father said he received a dozen proposals for my hand before the liturgy was even an hour old. I imagine Bishop Abianes is seething; he must have received a hundred, and at least half must have included larger dowries than my father would receive for me as just a princess! If he’s patient, he’ll likely be the wealthiest man in all of Escalon when Khariss finishes her first term.

Khariss, of course, already thinks she might stay for a second term. Maybe she can remain a singer long enough for her father to give up. I bet she could pick whoever she wants for husband if her father would just get out of the way.

(After two more paragraphs expressing her displeasure with Bishop Abianes, the princess actually wrote some very insightful comments about taxes, the nobles, and what should would do if she were to become Queen. It would certainly be worth having a crystal ball to see if she became jaded or tried to implement her ideas.)

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