Changing Paths

Last weekend, I found the path I’d always taken to the ocean had been blocked following a wild storm that left driftwood in the grasses, and not just high up on the shore. In the picture below, the original path was to the left (trust me, it’s far more blocked than it looks). Yet now, there is already a path to the right forming (bottom right corner). Taking the right path brings me to the beach 10-15 feet farther north, or almost the same place as always.


This made me think about the number of times that my path has changed, whether through hardships of my own doing or from circumstances outside my control. I’ve often wondered how different my life would be if such-and-such hadn’t happened. Then I looked at what had happened to this path, and I wonder if those events hadn’t happened, would my life really be that much different now?

Some events, certainly, have altered my life a great deal, and have shaped me (especially the darker events). But others, how much change did they really cause?


Finding the Muse

It’s been a rough month of writing, a month spent editing at least as much as writing, and much of my writing time spent talking with friends at Starbucks. I don’t ever want to take away from the latter. Unless I have a deadline to meet, friends should¬†always be higher on my list than writing.

Still, I was glad to get away to visit the ocean once more. Views like this move my soul like few other things in this world:

20160423_103152.jpgMy muse moves with the scent of salt air, the never-ending crash of waves, the crunch of sand, the cry of sandpipers, and the breeze off the ocean. Even though my eyes water from the breeze and the glare of the sun, inspiration fills my soul and makes me long to write. How can I not when I see this?