A Princess Diary (entry 7)

Note: I don’t know how long I’ll continue this, but it’s still fun, so here’s another entry from Eilina’s diary…

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Arah Ululu 3

Until today, I never realized how oblivious Khariss is to the flaws in others. Or maybe she’s just hopelessly optimistic. I mean, I know I’m naïve, but how could she make such excuses for the Mistress after that explosion yesterday? Not even my father would berate me so, not for hours on end, and she has the nerve to say that we just don’t know how her day has gone. If that girl doesn’t open her eyes, she’ll walk right into some trap and find herself married to an old, ugly man when she finishes her term. Of course, that assumes her father doesn’t sell her off first.

The ink color changes at this point, and the entry abruptly shifts to a discussion of the latest fashions in court and the “ridiculously outdated” costumes that the Singers of Janal must wear. This is followed by a lengthy discussion of which colors best suit her and Khariss, and a shorter discussion of the other singers. Clearly, she returned to her diary after some time had passed on this day.