My First Diet

In June, several of us on my swim team went on the whole 30 diet. My wife has dieted with good results several times, but I’d always resisted because I was in “good enough shape.”

This diet basically meant no carbs except fruits and vegetables, no sugar (including alcohol), no dairy, and a lot of protein. I love chocolate, pop, ice cream, and my shot of whiskey most nights.

June 1 I weighed myself. 228 lbs. Not bad, considering my 6’3″ frame, but more than I realized.

The first week was tough as I adjusted. I was ravenously hungry for the first time in my life, having never fasted. I was dead in the water halfway through workout. I was craving everything I couldn’t have. I persevered, however, knowing it was for only a month. Three more weeks of eating all this green stuff did seem like an eternity.

My body started to adjust in week 2, especially as I learned that an occasional handful of nuts could curb my appetite. My jawline started to narrow and I noticed more room in my jeans. I could finish workouts, but I had absolutely no speed. However, I had to move to the next notch on my belt, so that was very encouraging.

In week 3, I finally found second gear in the pool. My bad cravings were mostly for rice. Thank God for potatoes!!!! I was looking forward to salads. I learned how to make really tasty and filling salads!

June 30 finally arrived. I was hoping to be under 220. The scale read 212. I’d lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks! I also had gained another notch on my belt. My wife said I rarely snored anymore, and my internal plumbing had noticeably improved.My speed in the pool was back almost to normal.

I binged a bit the first few days of July and was surprised at how awful candy tastes, especially the chemical coating on M&Ms or Reeses Pieces. The thought of eating at a fast food restaurant is now gross. Pop? Makes me cringe. Salads? I can’t wait for the next one!

The binge was minor, but I felt awful. Not because I’d gone off the diet, but because I felt bloated and the plumbing issues were returning.

Two days ago, I got back on the whole 30 diet, or a modified version anyways. I’m eating brown rice, enjoying my whiskey, and treating myself to the occasional sweet, but I’m perfectly content if I never have another piece of chocolate. Unbelievable, but true.

So, if I become obnoxious and campaign for you to start eating organic, non-processed foods, I apologize ahead of time, but I pray you’ll understand that I do so because I truly care about you and want the best for you.


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