A Princess Diary (Entry 8)

I’ve nearly finished my current book and am now looking forward to returning to the book that the princess appears in. This motivated me to revisit her again. Read Part 7 here

Arah Ululu 5

We’ve been invaded by Teivos! Father says we’re safe, at least for now, because The Alis has made sure our defenses are the best in the world, but it is very unnerving to look out from my tower and watch this army as it keeps coming and coming. They haven’t done anything except set up their camps, but they have filled a lot of the valley outside the town and everyone in the town has been running inside the walls. There’s room, but it’s going to get very crowded.

The best part, however, is seeing all the young men in their finest armor. There are few things in this world more beautiful than a handsome knight in a shiny breastplate with a sword at his waist and a plumed helm in one arm, standing at attention. I hope father will let us watch their first charge from a castle balcony. The walls are too close to danger for me, I think I’d faint watching those monsters fall beneath our men. But it should be glorioius!

Khariss has made me feel guilty, though. She spends way too much time making sure the city has food stored away and keeping the kids away from the walls. I suppose I should help, but does anyone really think we’ll be in any serious danger? Still, I’ll appear rather selfish if I don’t go help. It’s just so tough to tear myself away from all those beautiful young men!