I have a good start finally on my sequel, having completed the first chapter and almost done with the third. I still need to go back and complete chapter two, however! The working title is Blood of the Dragon 2, but I hate those type of names where a number is just thrown on the end. Hopefully I’ll have a better title in a few weeks.

You can follow my progress on Twitter. Just click on the link in the sidebar at left.

I’m also making progress with query letters to agents for Blood of the Dragon, and have begun my collection of rejection letters. I always appreciate agents who respond back, even if it’s nothing more than a polite form letter “no.”

My writer’s group has a new assignment. We are trying a game called “The Storymatic.” I drew two character cards: “subject of an interrogation” and “person who steals cats.” I also drew two subject cards: “lightning” and “worst haircut ever.” Now I have to write a short story. I’ll post whatever I come up with here, good or bad!



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